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Lawrence Parker, born in Brooklyn, New York on August 20th 1965, is an American eMcee and producer Over his long career he has been known by many pseudonyms including “Kris Parker”, “The Blastmaster“, “The Teacha“, and “The Philosopher” Yet he is most well known around the world by another name, KRS ONE A pioneer in the Hip Hop industry, KRS ONE was honored at the 2008 BET awards for all of his selfless work and efforts toward the “STOP THE VIOLENCE” movement, as well as planting the seeds of a style of music that swept across the globe, touched billions, inspired a culture all of its own, and shaped how you perceive the world Lawrence grew up in the Southview and Mott Haven neighborhoods of the South Bronx (A borough of New York City) As a teenager, he frequently accompanied the Hare Krishnas and was subsequently given the nick-name Krishna (also where the nick name Kris comes from) First using the name as a graffiti tag, it was originally KRS, but seeing as there was another tagger using the tag he added the the number one, thus becoming known as KRS ONE The moniker originally stood for “Kris Number One” Once he developed it into his stage name, however, he developed a new acronym for it “Kris Number One” transformed into something deeper and more meaningful.

His new message to the world? “Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone” or ” Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everybody” Just like that, a Hip Hop Icon was born KRS ONE began his career as one half of the Hip Hop group Boogie Down Productions (BDP), Alongside DJ Scott La Rock The two men met at the Bronx Franklin Avenue Armory Shelter, where “La Rock” (Scott Sterling) worked as a social worker The meeting was nothing short of fate, and soon the two men began collaborating and creating music together After a rocky start in which the two men were rejected by the radio DJ’s Mr Magic and Marley Marl, (which led to the infamous Bridge wars in which KRS ONE dissed the two DJ’s and anyone with any association to them) KRS ONE and Marley Marl’s Protege MC Shan had a heated rivalry that went back and forth culminating in what many people believe would become known as the first true rap battle in which the two attacked each other, instead of just seeing who could hype up the crowd more Using “The Blastmaster” persona KRS devastated MC Shan giving him the clear victory KRS ONE also gained acclaim for bridging the gap between Hip-Hop and Jamaican styles, incorporating them together in songs like “Remix for p is free”.

KRS is still considered one of the more influential figures to combine Jamaican music and American Hip-Hop KRS ONE also matured as a man and become the primary initiator behind the HEAL compilation and THE STOP THE VIOLENCE MOVEMENT He would attract many prominent MC’S of the day to appear on a 12- inch single titled “Self Destruction” Slowly the “Blastmaster” persona began to subside, and KRS adopted a less violent, more humanist persona The “Teacha” was let loose on the masses KRS ONE formed the Stop The Violence Movement in 1988/1989 in response to overwhelming violence in the Hip Hop and black communities This may have stemmed from a concert which featured Boogie Down Productions and Public Enemy, in which a young fan was killed in a fight.

For KRS ONE this came too soon after the shooting death of friend and fellow founding member of BDP, Scott “La Rock” Stearling These two events so close to each other galvanized KRS into action, and the Stop The Violence Movement was born The Movement is composed of many stars from contemporary Hip Hop A single ” Self Destruction” was released by the movement in 1989 with all profits going to the national urban league A music video was also created, a VH-1 was also released titled Overcoming Self Destruction There was also a making of the Self Destruction video released The Temple Of Hip Hop is a ministry, archive, school and society (MASS.

) which was founded by KRS ONE Its goal is a simple one: To maintain and promote Hip Hop Kulture “The Temple” maintains that Hip Hop is a genuine political movement and culture The United Nations has also recognized that Hip Hop is influential across the globe The Temple Of Hip Hop calls on all fans to celebrate Hip Hop appreciation week, which is the third week in the month of May It encourages DJ’s and MC’s to teach people the meaning behind the culture that is Hip Hop, to write more socially conscious songs and also for radio stations to play more socially conscious material Hip Hop appreciation month is also recognized It was founded by the Universal Zulu Nation and takes place in the month of NovemberKRS ONE spoke about his book titled “The Gospel Of Hip Hop” in an interview with Allhiphop He is quoted as saying: 'Im suggesting that in 100 years, this book will be a new religion on the earth… I think I have the authority to approach God directly, I don’t have to go through religion or train of thought.

I can approach God directly myself and so i wrote a book called the Gospel Of Hip-Hop to free people from all this non-sense garbage right now I respect Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, but their time is up… In a hundred years, everything I’m saying to you right now will be common knowledge, and people will be like ‘why did he have to explain this? wasn’t it obvious?' .

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