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Earl S. Bell
Earl S. Bell Earl S. Bell


Earl Bell, is known as an inventor, building designer, and architectural theorist, as well as Hip hop architect. Brooklyn born and raised, Bell?s passion for science and design began at a very young age. He presented his first invention at the age of 9. But Bell first began to document and patent his inventions while attending Pratt Institute?s Architecture Program in 1998. Earl holds 3 US patents and 1 International Patent (South Africa). He is the sole inventor of Sasu Technology: liquid hydraulic electrical display for showing information, Slide Skin Technology: ergonomic chair system, Qet Ambit Technology: internal electrical mechanical mechanism for Quantification and has others that are being reviewed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Charge Plaza Earl S Bell patent pending. Energizing America. Charging station, Bookless library
Charge Plaza by Earl S. Bell Charge Plaza patent pending where Renewable Energy, Grid Efficiency and eco building converge into a bing bang...
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Earl S Bell Factory Labs for independent inventors, New America, manufacturing innovation revolution
Earl S Bell ( Architectural Theorist, Designer, Inventor ) Speaks about independent lone inventors and how to rejuvenate the new york city and the US economy via the next innovation revolution....
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Inventor laureate of Brooklyn, Earl S Bell In front of Flavor Paper, Brooklyn NYC. Invention Harbor
Full article: Producing an Invention / innovation explosion in Brooklyn New York City. by Earl S. Bell - Neb Aketu. Architectural Theorist, Inventor and...
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Hip Hop Industrial Arts
Architect and Inventor, Earl S. Bell, discusses what he calls Hip Hop Industrial Arts, and his invention, Charge Plaza. For him, Hip Hop Architecture is much more than just blueprints and buildings.
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Review of the HipHop Revolution ! Wyckoff Gardens
Earl S Bell in Wyckoff Projects Elevating HipHop. HipHop Architecture. Power to the Future, The Revolution will not be gentrified. HipHop is being elevated up to a righteous dignified level...
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Earl Bell vs
No Description Available
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Learning 3D Design, Using 3D studio Max ( Wyckoff & Gowanus Institute )
Learning 3D Design Using 3D studio Max for Architecture, Interior Design, Video Game Design, 3D Animation Environments.
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Sasa Hip Hop Industrial Arts, Hip Hop Architecture Evolution of Hip Hop Jazz, Neb Aketu NYC Subways
Sasa Hip Hop Industrial Arts. Earl S. Bell - Neb Aketu's vision for the New York City Subways, Hip Hop Culture and the rejuvenation of New York Cities economy. The Sasists understand that...
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INVENTION HARBOR Brooklyn Skyline - Wind and Rain Clock Tower of Light
INVENTION HARBOR Brooklyn Skyline Brooklyn Wind and Rain Clock Tower of Light by Earl S Bell - Neb Aketu Beat By: Easy Mo Bee.
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Clocking In with Jon Sherman of Flavor Paper
Meet Jon Sherman, the man behind the audacious, nontraditional, and—let's face it—totally bonkers, at times, wall coverings firm Flavor Paper. Here he opens those doors and guides the...
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Centers to help inventors create jobs
A new program has been announced that gives people in Connecticut a chance to turn their dreams into reality.
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StrideSports: Introducing the StrideRide
StrideSports is a designer and manufacturer of fitness and exercise equipment with a mission to create fun, exciting, and innovative products that inspire people to live healthier lives. The...
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Donate here... Used tires to build beautiful - Fire, smoke, vermin, mold, bullet, flood retardant dwellings. See
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U.S. Economic Recovery: How to Boost Small Business
Many American workers owe their livelihood to successful small businesses--or to bigger companies that started out small. In this week's @Brookings podcast, Martin Baily makes recommendations...
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Italian Inventors Script
Please watch Mrs Buono.
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by Earl HENRY AND AMANDA IJEOMA ANYANWU talking about cheating partners and the way the chose to hide it.
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Fletcher Discovers Harmonics on the Jasperbridge
Fletcher (age 9) finds harmonics on the Jasperbridge prototype ( just by messing around on it for the first time... Tom Saper (musician & inventor of the jbridge) is happily...
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earl bo
earl bo.
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USPTO - Independent Inventor Tips
Carrie Jeske interviews John Calvert, Senior Advisor for the Office of Innovation Development for the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
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Earl - Studio20.mp4
Earl recording his new song in our studio.
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