Strong Black Families! Begin with emotionally and finanically mature black men!

African American males high rate of death, incarceration, and unemployment, and relatively low levels of college graduation rates raise concerns for African American families and the nation’s economy. The contribution of social factors to the health problems of young African American men deserves further attention than thus far received.

Fatherlessness is our Core issuefatherlessness deserves our attention

The effects of fatherlessness on a culture of people is well documented. We have provided an aggregation of research that has been done on fatherlessness and its effects. Currently, fatherlessness is rampant in the African American Culture. Black Male Parenting is essential to the success of the black culture.

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Your Resource of Information Information is the key to raising our Awareness.

The Facts: We provide a comprehensive database of vitial statistical information, news feeds, links to resources and educational information about the African American culture. Before we can begin to grow as a culture we must first accept and embrace the truth about where we are as a people. In order to raise the Awareness we have aggregated statistical information about black America from all over the web. To provide our people and our country with a hub of information about the state of black America and more specifically black men.
Here are just a few of the facts you will find:

  • Nationally, for every 100 Black males entering kindergarten only 3 are projected to graduate from college:
    Only 44 (44.3%) are projected to graduate from high school
    Of the 44 high school graduates, only 10 (23%) are projected to be college ready
    Of the 10 who enroll in college, only 3 (34.2%) are projected to graduate
  • 71% Of Black Children are born without there father.
  • Black Children were more likely to grown up with both of their parents during slavery than they are today.
  • Of the 8.4 million Black Familes in the US. 2.0 million, or 24 percent, are married couples with their own children.
  • The net worth of a Black family in America is 6,100 dollars versus 67,000 dollars for a White family.
  • 53% of Black men aged 25-34 are either unemployed or earn too little to lift a family of four from poverty.
  • 69% of Black children in America cannot read at grade level in the 4th grade, compared with 29% among White children.
  • 7% of Black 8th-graders perform math at grade level.
  • Blacks make up only 3.2% of lawyers, 3% of doctors, and less than 1% of architects in America. Many of these are Black women.
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