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Pokémon Black Version 2 and White Version 2 - July Trailer


In stores October 7th in North America! Visit the official site to get a look at the new people, places, and Pokémon:


Author:  secretmelody07M5A
Title:  Sweetness. Though.. ...
Comment:  Sweetness. Though..I'm going have to wait until my birthday to get it.
Author:  smartsquirtle
Title:  you killed virizion
Comment:  you killed virizion
Author:  TheCitySheep
Title:  Lucky we have to ...
Comment:  Lucky we have to wait till the 12th! If only we got it earlier like Black and White 1 :(
Author:  DriftyAlison0
Title:  White 2
Comment:  White 2
Author:  IAmMarcusYes0w0
Title:  It will be ...
Comment:  It will be available for the non-3D DS too.
Author:  Desertification00
Title:  *sigh* Why can't we ...
Comment:  *sigh* Why can't we play as the rival!?!?!??!
Author:  ofam Antunez
Title:  Mmmmm the japonese ...
Comment:  Mmmmm the japonese trailer is better than this because is animated.
Author:  kurotsukiaku
Title:  Stud muffin!?! 0:23 ...
Comment:  Stud muffin!?! 0:23 ;O Hes the hottest rival I have ever seen!
Author:  Katie Chan
Title:  ^ikr? and Misty!!!! ...
Comment:  ^ikr? and Misty!!!! :D
Author:  IAmMarcusYes0w0
Title:  It will be ...
Comment:  It will be available to normal DS, too.
Author:  Makoto Yuki
Title:  I like Corless ...
Comment:  I like Corless instead of Colress
Author:  Dyntos
Title:  @UshioKiss its ...
Comment:  @UshioKiss its actually a ds game
Author:  TFmelissa1
Title:  ha ha this is ...
Comment:  ha ha this is coming out right on time for my birthday happy birthday to me!!!
Author:  Tyson Neo Jia Hao
Title:  I need this game ...
Comment:  I need this game like now but i need to wait!
Author:  RickGamingHD
Title:  I have battled him. ...
Comment:  I have battled him. After the battle he said "......"

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