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Is Sharpton right in comparing himself to MLK Jr., A Philip Randolph or Fredrick Douglass?


In this video, Dr. Wilmer Leon and Dr. Boyce Watkins discuss the arguments made by Rev. Al Sharpton in response to public critiques by Cornel West.


Author:  atheistasylum
Title:  Boyce is way too ...
Comment:  Boyce is way too polite to Rev Alice.
Author:  squared792
Title:  Al Sharpton is an ...
Comment:  Al Sharpton is an FBI snitch. His job is to keep black people sleep. He is bought and paid for, this is how he has gotten an MSNBC TV show and a Radio show, he is for himself not black people. Remember Al Sharpton use to described himself as a Civil Rights leader, now he's self described as an Activitist. LOL. Wow!!
Author:  goku27son
Title:  Sharpton is a paid ...
Comment:  Sharpton is a paid sell out.
Author:  T'Challa75
Title:  Sharpton's ...
Comment:  Sharpton's committment to the cause was just for show. He did for this praise and vanity.
Author:  ShamelessNation
Title:  You could ask some ...
Comment:  You could ask some of these same questions about Clinton...and black people loved his dirty drawers. What did he do that benefitted black people inparticular? NOTHING. Who are you going to vote for in November? Romney? You might as well stay home if you're looking to get a friend of black people in the White House.

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