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Whats Going on in america?


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Author:  GmPxFiin3sT
Title:  Im from Norway but ...
Comment:  Im from Norway but I agree on this, In my eyes America is going down hill. Maybe it would get better with a new president? Who knows. Anyway you just gained a new subscriber :)
Author:  kanebowser
Title:  U r terrible at cod
Comment:  U r terrible at cod
Author:  TGBKyle
Title:  @aRisingGamer Will ...
Comment:  @aRisingGamer Will be glad to see it
Author:  aRisingGamer
Title:  Great video, I have ...
Comment:  Great video, I have my own thoughts on the NDAA, might make a video on it tomorrow <3
Author:  TGBKyle
Title:  @YesItsMeJamesDC ...
Comment:  @YesItsMeJamesDC Watch the video in the Description, Pretty much sums it up:)
Author:  Taylor Krug
Title:  The vid is ...
Comment:  The vid is obviously not about the gameplay.
Author:  TehRealLoL
Title:  Amarica if full of ...
Comment:  Amarica if full of a bunch a lazy fucking government peoples
Author:  coon goon
Title:  Australia = full ...
Comment:  Australia = full freedom
Author:  OmsoiTekken
Title:  Kyle for President. ...
Comment:  Kyle for President. Even though I'm not from America. XD
Author:  Kazemon916
Title:  bad teachers and tv
Comment:  bad teachers and tv
Author:  TGBKyle
Title:  @GmPxFiin3sT Thank ...
Comment:  @GmPxFiin3sT Thank you do much bro :) Yes we need a new president :P
Author:  SuperrrTV
Title:  wat does TGB stand ...
Comment:  wat does TGB stand for?
Author:  RopeyJnr
Title:  nice tags
Comment:  nice tags
Author:  Julian Rodriguez
Title:  I love your old ...
Comment:  I love your old content still Kyle<3
Author:  EaglesStir
Title:  Powerful words my ...
Comment:  Powerful words my friend. I live all the way in Hong Kong, but I was born in the US. So I shouldn't really be concerned, but I just feel that a government can't destroy rights like that. It's just sick, ignorant and plain stupid. Hopefully all will be settled soon over there. :)

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