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Remembering Dr. Dorothy Height


President Obama delivers the eulogy at a memorial service for Dr. Dorothy Height, saying that the inspirational civil rights leader who died last week at the age of 98 deserves a place of honor in Americas memory. April 29, 2010.


Author:  P Richardson
Title:  Thank You Dr. ...
Comment:  Thank You Dr. Height!
Author:  zippyman818
Title:  Al Sharpton would ...
Comment:  Al Sharpton would to well to take note of how Dr. Height used her education and influence over the years. "Content of one's character..." as they say.
Author:  BLACKBEAUTY8989
Title:  i dont understand ...
Comment:  i dont understand why everyone on here is being so rude! anyways this was beautiful mr. president
Author:  jaye davis
Title:  dorothy height is ...
Comment:  dorothy height is such an influential person i know.....god bless her and then she got to meet mr. was so sad but yet kind of a turn on when barack started to cry
Author:  DesertRatDan
Title:  How can anyone " ...
Comment:  How can anyone "thumbs down" a eulogy?
Author:  Randy Ragsdale
Title:  I can tell by the ...
Comment:  I can tell by the somber tone in President Obama's voice that he was really honored and humbled to give the eulogy at Dr. Dorothy Height's funeral.
Author:  marvelous4
Title:  My Soror Dorothy ...
Comment:  My Soror Dorothy Height will live on forever. Deltas every where stand proud to have had this pioneer woman be a significant part of history and our organization
Author:  edrubangura
Title:  @chaumont20 GOP is ...
Comment:  @chaumont20 GOP is a fascist Corporate organization. Stop it.
Author:  lovejangie1
Title:  Thank you Ms. ...
Comment:  Thank you Ms. Height! Great job President Obama as usual!
Author:  highwater03
Title:  @chaumont20 Tax ...
Comment:  @chaumont20 Tax cuts for the wealthy that increases the rich-poor gap is crushing it. You can thank Reagan for that.
Author:  chaumont20
Title:  @highwater03 Well ...
Comment:  @highwater03 Well we know you hate Justice Clarence Thomas. I love listening to Bishop TD Jakes should I kiss his ass also ?
Author:  Tryphenia7
Title:  What a Lady!
Comment:  What a Lady!
Author:  trooper40below
Title:  @chaumont20 You had ...
Comment:  @chaumont20 You had Sarah Palin out there dividing the country saying real america is rural america while major cities like NYC, Chicago, LA, etc...were not. This is all on the conservative end. Conservative radio talk shows like Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Savage, etc...all spew conservative propaganda and slander on the airwaves. Its crazy for you to think conservatives are so innocent. You really need to wake up. Height and women faced a lot of discrimination.
Author:  chaumont20
Title:  @highwater03 Tax ...
Comment:  @highwater03 Tax cuts for everybody is the way to get this economy running again. Every dollar sent to Washington means a little less freedom.
Author:  chaumont20
Title:  @edrubangura ...
Comment:  @edrubangura Democrats take you for granted. I don't know about you but I hate to be takin for granted. Republicans and Conservatives want everybody in this country to do as well as their talents and aspirations take them. When was the last time you heard that from a Democrat ?

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