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Desrciption: Rare color footage of Malcolm X appearing on a television show in Chicago called "City Desk" on March 17, 1963. "My father didn't know his last name. My father got his last name from his grandfather and his grandfather got it from his grandfather who got it from the slavemaster. The real names of our people were destroyed during slavery. The last name of my forefathers was taken from them when they were brought to America and made slaves, and then the name of the slavemaster was given, which we refuse, we reject that name today and refuse it. I never acknowledge it whatsoever."


Author:  Malcolm X
Title:  MALCOLM X: OUR ...
Author:  Malcolm X
Title:  MALCOLM X: OUR ...
Author:  painlessrisen
Title:  Malcolm feel victim ...
Comment:  Malcolm feel victim to new found propaganda information. This happens when someone encounters new information and they just "run with it" without verifying. It took him to travel out of the country and break himself from the lies of the NOI to see the world for what it really is. This is why he changed his position and left the NOI
Author:  Queen ofTruth
Title:  Of course blacks ...
Comment:  Of course blacks history was destroyed by slavery & integration has definitely destroyed blacks as a whole. America is built on slaver and whites have profited from blacks being slaves. 
Author:  Brandon Beasley
Title:  Standing up for ...
Comment:  Standing up for those who are oppressed is what I promote such as Malcolm x and martin etc. I'd appreciate anyone who checks out my channel. The goal is to truly untie us all as a people 
Author:  jazz1bro
Title:  Hero!
Comment:  Hero!
Author:  TechNubian1
Title:  The Black ...
Comment:  The Black Archaeologist Is Here .
Author:  YexaC
Title:   Since the dawn of ...
Comment:  Since the dawn of history the Negro has owned the continent of Africa – rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet and yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light. His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled. A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour. In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud. With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail.” — Charles Darwin While I'm not racist, nor do I support racism.. I will not however lie, or restrain from citing that which is true. - Me, right now. How's that for history?
Author:  Mahmoud Smadi
Title:  I have nothing but ...
Comment:  I have nothing but respect for that man <3
Author:  pete saws
Title:  a minute and a half ...
Comment:  a minute and a half to answer a simple question that should have taken 2 seconds.....oy!!
Author:  Hu Wen
Title:  "All mankind is ...
Comment:  "All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action." --- An extract taken from the last sermon of Saint Muhammad, the founder of Islam.
Author:  Lamar Namou
Title:  Man, these comments ...
Comment:  Man, these comments are a fucking disgrace. I'm not dishonoring Malcolm X, but seriously, you disgust me. I'm not a King fan or some crap, but he admitted he was wrong. I think he's a more honorable man for doing so. People stick with the statemtn "By Any Means Necessary", but the same pieces of shit who stuck with it are the ones who killed Malcolm X.
Author:  Dan Hibbert
Title:  Malcom X seems like ...
Comment:  Malcom X seems like such an educated and well opiniated man. So can someone please tell me why he dealt drugs and was thus arrested for it. 
Author:  kuntbrigade
Title:  Dumb ass honkey. ...
Comment:  Dumb ass honkey. Malcolm X for the win.
Author:  ZoMbZascension
Title:  very intelligent ...
Comment:  very intelligent man

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