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Most Organized Home in America - HGTV Clean Freaks & Professional Organizer Alejandra Costello


Sign-up for my FREE Organizing Video Series Here! - Join My Organizing Program Here! - Products Mentioned In This Video Are Listed Here - Checklists - Website - ------------- I'm Alejandra Costello, Certified Professional Organizer and I teach others how to organize themselves and their lives through webinars, interactive training, and exercises. Here's a tour of my home as seen on HGTV Clean Freaks. Here's an insider tour of my super organized home.


Author:  Leighla Claiborne
Title:  your originazations ...
Comment:  your originazations will not work in a house with 3 bedroom 5 kid 6 adult household :(
Author:  Kevin Martin
Title:  Chocolate milk ...
Comment:  Chocolate milk powder is a condiment? Madness.
Author:  UberSuper Gamez
Title:  Y am I watching ...
Comment:  Y am I watching this
Author:  rucha lad
Title:  so OCD my gosh!!!
Comment:  so OCD my gosh!!!
Author:  Jennalee Auclair
Title:  This is one of the ...
Comment:  This is one of the annoying flaws of Western society. Let's waste resources and make some pollution so this woman can have plastic dividers for her already packaged tea. NOBODY needs that much crap, of course she is a scrap booker too...more waste. "Out of sight, out of mind", there is no hope if people like this keep letting their kids spill out into the burbs.
Author:  Anna L
Title:  I dout it is always ...
Comment:  I dout it is always like that. If she has kids, yea, I don't think so
Author:  Alba Boudet
Title:  Did anyone else ...
Comment:  Did anyone else think Monica from Friends ?
Author:  Rahul K Raju
Title:  she must have an ...
Comment:  she must have an OCD problem 
Author:  Olivia Cymes
Title:  Did I really just ...
Comment:  Did I really just watch this?
Author:  Jung Sun Kim
Title:  Ugh why wont she ...
Comment:  Ugh why wont she save money and buy nicer clothes ?
Author:  Sansam💕Carrots
Title:  Her house is a ...
Comment:  Her house is a store not a home
Author:  Karis Garra
Title:  I don't have time ...
Comment:  I don't have time for this kind of organization... I mean... This is TOO much :\ (But yes, I have time for whatching this kind of vids :P)
Author:  Andrea Berrios
Title:  Danny tanner from ...
Comment:  Danny tanner from full house would love ur house
Author:  hector otero
Title:  Holy SHIT, its ...
Comment:  Holy SHIT, its MONICA from FRIENDS!!!
Author:  Devin Rene
Title:  Can't believe how ...
Comment:  Can't believe how many dumb comments are being made... talk about cyber bullies. I agree with Lacie and some of the others that actually had something NICE to say. Yeah, she looks to be a bit on the obsessive side, but this looks like it's her business to organize... pretty smart I'd say. Unlike some of you out there, sitting in your robe scrolling on the computer all day with nothing to do except criticize people. Those of us with a life take what we can from these videos and move on... no need to be nasty, People!

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