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Most Organized Home in America - HGTV Clean Freaks & Professional Organizer Alejandra Costello


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Author:  Anna L
Title:  I dout it is always ...
Comment:  I dout it is always like that. If she has kids, yea, I don't think so
Author:  Leighla Claiborne
Title:  your originazations ...
Comment:  your originazations will not work in a house with 3 bedroom 5 kid 6 adult household :(
Author:  Kevin Martin
Title:  Chocolate milk ...
Comment:  Chocolate milk powder is a condiment? Madness.
Author:  charlie walsh
Title:  I don't think that ...
Comment:  I don't think that she should have put the bit about the jewellery in the video because if someone saw that she had expensive jewellery they might thing ohhhhhhh I wanna steal them and they will know exactly where to find it but they won't know where she lives so if you have read all of this you've wasted about 3 mins of your life... And so have I writing this 😂😂
Author:  UberSuper Gamez
Title:  Y am I watching ...
Comment:  Y am I watching this
Author:  Shelly Hart
Title:  lol, I paused the ...
Comment:  lol, I paused the video and you told me us you do it incase you change whatever is in them. However, the Paint Markers would be fun and are easily cleaned off with a damp rag. Please for the love of God, help me. I was a queen organizer when we lived in Seattle. Exerything was labeled and put where it belonged. I have had 18 surgeries in the past three years, still in pain and having two to 3 more spinal operations. Have mercy. My girl is 10. She does stick to the one room at a time rule. I have watched hoarders. I know its because I have been to Mayo clinic and so sick. I told my husband, Dr. Lawrence Gary Hart, I wish someone would just tell me to leave and organize it. (without my being there)
Author:  rucha lad
Title:  so OCD my gosh!!!
Comment:  so OCD my gosh!!!
Author:  Jung Sun Kim
Title:  Ugh why wont she ...
Comment:  Ugh why wont she save money and buy nicer clothes ?
Author:  ohhiimdoug
Title:  I think the biggest ...
Comment:  I think the biggest issue for me was that this made me feel like everything has to be compartamentalized. Maybe this is just me, but even though it would be useful to organize my pantry, I still would keep my frequently used spices/etc. on the kitchen counter... Or maybe another example would be the medicine cabinet where, instead of categorizing everything, I could just put them in a way that doesn't make it inconvenient to access something... How I see it in that example is you're going to be reading the label to make sure that something is, for example, ibuprofen, so why would you add the extra step of having to read the label for the container of different analgesics?
Author:  Jennalee Auclair
Title:  This is one of the ...
Comment:  This is one of the annoying flaws of Western society. Let's waste resources and make some pollution so this woman can have plastic dividers for her already packaged tea. NOBODY needs that much crap, of course she is a scrap booker too...more waste. "Out of sight, out of mind", there is no hope if people like this keep letting their kids spill out into the burbs.
Author:  Alba Boudet
Title:  Did anyone else ...
Comment:  Did anyone else think Monica from Friends ?
Author:  Rahul K Raju
Title:  she must have an ...
Comment:  she must have an OCD problem 
Author:  Olivia Cymes
Title:  Did I really just ...
Comment:  Did I really just watch this?
Author:  Sansam💕Carrots
Title:  Her house is a ...
Comment:  Her house is a store not a home
Author:  Karis Garra
Title:  I don't have time ...
Comment:  I don't have time for this kind of organization... I mean... This is TOO much :\ (But yes, I have time for whatching this kind of vids :P)

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