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67 year old war veteran beats up young male who starts on him on the bus


67 year old war veteran (Vietam Tom\Epic Beard Man) beats up young male who starts on him on the bus in America


Author:  imfreeinfinity infinityimfree
Title:  I fell out of my ...
Comment:  I fell out of my seat when I heard the ROCKY MUSIC! LOL!
Author:  David Struve
Title:  That punk isn't ...
Comment:  That punk isn't black he's most definitely a nigger, he's a disgrace to his race picking on an old man like that. I could watch him get his ass whooped ALL day long!!
Author:  brad john hopwood
Title:  the experience in ...
Comment:  the experience in life, the mental toughness to have actually fought in vietnam, survived, and then lucky enough to still be alive, a man like this shouldn't have to deal with an obnoxious, ignorant, disrespectful moron such as this - the VET taught that bonehead a lesson he should of learned at 13 - 14 years old.
Author:  BeastGamePlays
Title:  Thats why colored ...
Comment:  Thats why colored bitches sat back in the bus back in the days...
Author:  tygerstyle2k14
Title:  yh sure. no offence ...
Comment:  yh sure. no offence guys but just because an old man is a badass doesnt make him a war vet. an ex soldier wouldnt fight like that
Author:  Gin Za
Title:  This negro has only ...
Comment:  This negro has only one brain cell.
Author:  Edson Leon
Author:  Tyson Warren
Title:  @adam brower I bet ...
Comment:  @adam brower I bet you wouldn't say that in public lol your smart enough to keep it on YouTube pecker wood 
Author:  shawn conner
Title:  I'm glad he whipped ...
Comment:  I'm glad he whipped his ass. Dumb ass niga should of just sat down and kept his mouth shut. I mean you saw the guy get up and go to another seat. But no... the dumb ass monkey had to get up and mess with him. so the white guy whipped his ass. Done deal. and I'm black! good job Mr. Bruso
Author:  A Penandroll
Title:  piece of shit ...
Comment:  piece of shit bastard acting like a fucking prick...then someone beats the living crap outta him...and later he blames the other guy for it...thats the typical scumbag piece of shit nigger
Author:  tdubduders
Title:  The black guy is ...
Comment:  The black guy is the biggest coward and scum of society. He paints another horrible picture of black people.
Author:  NeovisionX
Title:  That loser was a ...
Comment:  That loser was a total Nigger, not black. Niggers are punks like this that can't speak English in general let alone complete a sentence. I would have found where he lived, taken him. Water boarded him and left him naked in the woods with one of his feet cut of. If he makes it back alive he wins.
Author:  Kamikaze Potato
Title:  that old guy must ...
Comment:  that old guy must have been like 7 foot tall 
Author:  Tyson Warren
Title:  Now let cout how ...
Comment:  Now let cout how many white dudes got ko by blks....ain't enough fingers n toes on YouTube to count
Author:  brucedickinson12
Title:  nice 1 grandad 
Comment:  nice 1 grandad 

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