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67 year old war veteran beats up young male who starts on him on the bus


67 year old war veteran (Vietam Tom\Epic Beard Man) beats up young male who starts on him on the bus in America


Author:  Naeddre
Title:  Notice how those ...
Comment:  Notice how those other monkey hoodrats didn't step up at all lol. There's a reason whites took blacks on as slaves... so don't fuck with us.
Author:  AtomicBomb2
Title:  3 words. Get. Rekt. ...
Comment:  3 words. Get. Rekt. M8.
Author:  owen monty
Title:  only British people ...
Comment:  only British people would get this but the veteran looks like uncle albert from only fools and horses
Author:  Gin Za
Title:  This negro has only ...
Comment:  This negro has only one brain cell.
Author:  imfreeinfinity infinityimfree
Title:  I fell out of my ...
Comment:  I fell out of my seat when I heard the ROCKY MUSIC! LOL!
Author:  tygerstyle2k14
Title:  yh sure. no offence ...
Comment:  yh sure. no offence guys but just because an old man is a badass doesnt make him a war vet. an ex soldier wouldnt fight like that
Author:  JasmyneTheeHijabi
Title:  Yesssss!!!! Grandpa ...
Comment:  Yesssss!!!! Grandpa went in!!!!
Author:  Sameer Tyagi
Title:  Love seeing niggers ...
Comment:  Love seeing niggers get what they deserve!
Author:  mr16432
Title:  Nigger piece of ...
Comment:  Nigger piece of shit , as usual niggers always pick a fight with someone (supposedly) weaker than him cuz was 67 yrs, and that ape got fucked up, go back to Africa you apes, and leave the hard decent working black men and women in peace. 
Author:  Lord Cetax
Title:  why would u pick a ...
Comment:  why would u pick a fight with some1 obviously stronger than yourself
Author:  Sublime Music Channel
Title:  Thank god!
Comment:  Thank god!
Author:  Belita William
Title:  There are a lot of ...
Comment:  There are a lot of Racist comments,but it is easily the other way around too..white guys attack older African American..its about the lack of Respect ,,
Author:  A Penandroll
Title:  piece of shit ...
Comment:  piece of shit bastard acting like a fucking prick...then someone beats the living crap outta him...and later he blames the other guy for it...thats the typical scumbag piece of shit nigger
Author:  David Struve
Title:  That punk isn't ...
Comment:  That punk isn't black he's most definitely a nigger, he's a disgrace to his race picking on an old man like that. I could watch him get his ass whooped ALL day long!!

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