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67 year old war veteran beats up young male who starts on him on the bus


67 year old war veteran (Vietam Tom\Epic Beard Man) beats up young male who starts on him on the bus in America


Author:  Felton Berrios
Title:  Punk ganster got ...
Comment:  Punk ganster got what he deserved
Author:  uni000ver000sal
Title:  Brother messed up ...
Comment:  Brother messed up with the wrong person
Author:  NoCar LikeMopar
Title:  Well I didn't see ...
Comment:  Well I didn't see your foot in his ass but I sure did see you beat the piss out of his fist with your face!
Author:  Kit Zoey
Title:  very funny
Comment:  very funny
Author:  TheOpelkoenjas
Title:  Grandpa rocks!! ...
Comment:  Grandpa rocks!! Never mess with a Vietnam veteran, people! They've seen the REAL jungle and its hell, and survived it. Trust me when I say it's not by being nice to their opponent(s) that they got the chance to return home alive.
Author:  John Slug
Title:  this guy is a real ...
Comment:  this guy is a real life hero
Author:  tygerstyle2k14
Title:  yh sure. no offence ...
Comment:  yh sure. no offence guys but just because an old man is a badass doesnt make him a war vet. an ex soldier wouldnt fight like that
Author:  tdubduders
Title:  The black guy is ...
Comment:  The black guy is the biggest coward and scum of society. He paints another horrible picture of black people.
Author:  Kecoroe
Title:  The music! ...
Comment:  The music! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!
Author:  CallMeOgre
Title:  Somebody got their ...
Comment:  Somebody got their ass whooped ..................BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Author:  Letgomylego9
Title:  ok the black guy is ...
Comment:  ok the black guy is A DUMB ASS!
Author:  Cody Gower
Title:  @Andrew Cascio 0:08 ...
Comment:  @Andrew Cascio 0:08 no?
Author:  The Average PC Gamer
Title:  Made my day!
Comment:  Made my day!
Author:  jacob banks
Title:  that music got me ...
Comment:  that music got me pumped up for 67 year old rocky
Title:  0:59
Comment:  0:59

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