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Lunch Scholars


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Author:  Marsha Munakovah
Title:  I find it hard to ...
Comment:  I find it hard to believe anyone is this stupid. It's just not possible ... *sobs violently*
Author:  Stephanie Janey
Title:  I dont know the ...
Comment:  I dont know the answers to these questions (besides the Canada one, I'm Canadian) does that make me stupid?
Author:  Stoolie33
Title:  The leaders of ...
Comment:  The leaders of tomorrow. Today. Too much time spent texting, playing video games, and social networking to waste time learning anything. This country will be a bunch of morons without even REAL social skills.
Author:  Eff Yoo
Title:  Please forgive me ...
Comment:  Please forgive me if I am wrong but, this country is not called United States, I believe its "The United States of America" so it starts with a "T". It's not "The Italy" or "The France" . These children are not at fault here, we lead by example. Monkey see. If you want smart children, teach them yourself, why would you leave such an important task to low paid, government paid EMPLOYEES who have no incentive except for their next paycheck? It's just way easier not to care.
Author:  Austin W
Title:  countries that ...
Comment:  countries that border America??? Some of them couldnt get that are you kidding me!!!!
Author:  Eden Signal
Title:  American youth are ...
Comment:  American youth are thick we all know that.
Author:  em26jamie
Title:  Everyone knows it's ...
Comment:  Everyone knows it's spelled "Younited States"! 
Author:  Elisa Ho
Title:  Hey teens, if ...
Comment:  Hey teens, if someone calls you stupid, show them how smart you are by showing them this vid. JK! Even I know the answers to these questions! 
Author:  twichy12295
Title:  This video makes me ...
Comment:  This video makes me want to kill myself.
Author:  RoseFever
Title:  This is my school. ...
Comment:  This is my school. Most of these kids are the lowest on the food chain. They in no way make up the majority of students here. For the past two years my school has shown this to us on the morning announcements essentially to show us how it could be. It makes a mockery of the kids who answered wrong for things they said 2 years ago. It also doesn't represent the vast majority of extremely smart students here. Way to ostracize the "lunch scholars" Olympia. 
Author:  Homiegot Harish
Title:  R E T A R D E D
Comment:  R E T A R D E D
Author:  GuitarPunk2512
Title:  this country is ...
Comment:  this country is fucking doomed. so engulfed in social media, cell phones, Starbucks, drugs and alcohol, partying, raving, conforming to all he other brain-dead fucks around them. probably cant even do 2+2...or more like they don't have the thought capacity to even care.
Author:  Megan Scheer
Title:  This actually has ...
Comment:  This actually has to be a joke. I mean, are you serious?!
Author:  Peter Kasting
Title:  High schoolers. ...
Comment:  High schoolers. Lunch Scholars "Canada? Oh, that's a state."
Author:  Grant Robertson
Title:  *OMG! American ...
Comment:  *OMG! American teens R dumb! LOL!*

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