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Amos Winbush III, Project Enterprise 2011 Inspiration Award Recipient


Project Enterprise is pleased to award the 2011 Inspiration Award to Amos Winbush III, founder & CEO of CyberSynchs. This is the honoree video that featured at the 8th Annual Charles B. Benenson. Project Enterprise: web:, Facebook: Twitter: @Proj_Enterprise Amos Winbush III: Web: Twitter: @TechCEO, @CyberSynchs Tiffany Winbush: Twitter: @TiffanyPR


Author:  tyrell71454
Title:  Congrats Amos!!! I ...
Comment:  Congrats Amos!!! I am so proud of you! I cannot believe I know someone who is so successful, wise and influential!
Author:  projectenterprise
Title:  Congrats to Amos & ...
Comment:  Congrats to Amos & CyberSynchs. You definitely deserve this honor.
Author:  MsNatural26
Title:  Just saw him on ...
Comment:  Just saw him on Secret Millionaire...I think he is a wonderful man to help others in the manner he does! Continued blessings to him and thanks for being an inspiration to many.

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