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sonia sanchez peace


poem by sonia sanchez


Author:  seanzoz
Title:  "nut case" -me
Comment:  "nut case" -me
Author:  branchwater7
Title:  Artist!
Comment:  Artist!
Author:  Catherine Staples
Title:  EBE YIYE means It ...
Comment:  EBE YIYE means It will get better
Author:  ahr2107
Title:  Breaking ALL ...
Comment:  Breaking ALL traditional poetic boundaries. Not just because its her, but because its time to create anew. Amiri Baraka goes beyond to. Its tonal, its cadence, its true unrestrained creativity.
Author:  brownsugar976
Title:  She is on point ...
Comment:  She is on point with PEACE what really is it. I loved her skat be bop......
Author:  aixerona
Title:  god you are so ...
Comment:  god you are so lucky. i would kill to work with her.
Author:  Robin Gunkel
Title:  I took a workshop ...
Comment:  I took a workshop with Sonia in summer '05 at Naropa. Everone in her workshop was Sister and Brother; it's how she named and loved us all. I realized from her that poet was a verb. She wrote a long message to me in my copy of her Does Your House Have Lions? And her last words on the page were EBE YIYE!!! (it'll get be Her) Thanks for posting this and bearing witness. She's amazing.
Author:  pcno
Title:  Simply brilliant!
Comment:  Simply brilliant!
Author:  Jolene Foster
Author:  Sevyn B
Title:  thx for posting this
Comment:  thx for posting this
Author:  legman36
Title:  Shooby-Doo-Wap! Can ...
Comment:  Shooby-Doo-Wap! Can you say nut case???
Author:  pcutah
Comment:  RETARDED

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