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CNN Student News Special: Black in America


Story Highlights: All summer long, CNN Student News is publishing special Webcasts On today's show, we highlight CNN Presents: Black in America Visit schools in two American cities that are targeting the dropout rate (CNN Student News) -- July 28, 2008 CARL AZUZ, CNN STUDENT NEWS ANCHOR: Hi, everyone. I'm Carl Azuz and this is CNN Student News. Thanks for taking a vacation from your vacation to check out our latest summer Webcast. Today, we're focusing on a sensitive and sometimes controversial topic. But it's also part of our country's history, from slavery to the civil rights movement. Forty years after Dr. Martin Luther King's death, CNN has launched "Black in America." It's a huge project that examines stereotypes and statistics and asks what it means to be black in America today. These special reports investigate health issues, like the devastating toll of HIV and AIDS on the African-American community. They also explore the progress of black men and women in the professional world and the black middle class. One of the biggest topics that "Black in America" addresses is education and the disparities between black and white students. Soledad O'Brien visited a school in New York that's working to close that gap. (BEGIN VIDEO) SOLEDAD O'BRIEN, CNN ANCHOR: Principal Elijah Hawkes of the James Baldwin School in New York City says his school has something most principals only dream about: a 94% graduation rate. ELIJAH HAWKES, PRINCIPAL, JAMES BALDWIN SCHOOL: The only way one can do this work and do it well is if you believe that a student failing in your class is your responsibility. O'BRIEN: It's a new public school, made up mostly of transfer students and paid for with taxpayer money. The classes are very small; just 17 seniors last year. But what's most surprising: many of the students were failing out before coming here. How bad were your grades? MARK, STUDENT, JAMES BALDWIN SCHOOL: Failed every class. O'BRIEN: Really? MARK: Yeah. O'BRIEN: So you came here as a failing student? MARK: Yes. O'BRIEN: What are your grades now? MARK: It's like B-minus. O'BRIEN: Your graduation rate is significantly higher than the average graduation rate in New York City public schools. With far fewer students, I'll give you, but much higher. HAWKES: Having your voice heard can equate to passing your class. O'BRIEN: Almost half the students are African-American. A Harvard University study shows black children start falling behind academically by age 3. A separate Harvard study found in urban areas, the average black student performs on a level about 4 years below his peers. Over a million students attend New York City public schools. About three-quarters are minorities and 70 percent are impoverished. JOEL KLEIN, CHANCELLOR, NEW YORK SCHOOLS: For as long as anyone can remember in America, our African-American and Latino students are way underperforming white and Asian students. O'BRIEN: Schools like Baldwin are fighting to change that. MARK: I just thought if I could, like, if I was guided the right way, I would succeed. O'BRIEN: The school's success proves size matters...


Author:  larry ellison
Title:  i love all people ...
Comment:  i love all people in the world white black and we never chose to be born as white or black so whats the problem???
Author:  saidur rahman
Title:  Racism 
Comment:  Racism 
Author:  James XR
Title:  240p DAMN!!!
Comment:  240p DAMN!!!
Author:  edna sheridan
Title:  Paid for by "TAX ...
Comment:  Paid for by "TAX PAYER'S MONEY"? Most shools in the world are paid for by tax money unless they are all PRIVATELY RUN....THESE TYPE OF SCHOOLS ARE MOSTLY FOR THE PRIVLEDGED
Author:  mckeeisafraudster
Title:  That's actually a ...
Comment:  That's actually a pretty witty reply.
Author:  zivjax
Title:  Black schools went ...
Comment:  Black schools went down hill when integration happened in the 60's and 70's. Prior to that, you didn't see 1/100 of the problems you see now in black schools. Kids were disciplined, kids learned English and math. The real downfall came when the "system" moved good solid black teachers out of the black schools and replaced them with liberal leftist white females. The liberal white females "pitied" poor black kids instead of teaching them.
Author:  youngnwildnfr33
Title:  holy shit mexico ...
Comment:  holy shit mexico has a airforce?? XD
Author:  FireBomberBassist
Title:  @nmmeyer9922 What ...
Comment:  @nmmeyer9922 What offends me is that you're American, you express yourself very poorly and your spelling is bellow highschool level yet you try to bash the black people. It sounds like this video is talking about someone like you because I doubt you graduated.
Author:  maggmaxxx
Title:  Things need to ...
Comment:  Things need to change. Yes! Don't shit talk online. It's a bitch move. "Why many white people hate black people?" It sounds like you're trying to justify hatred of an entire group of people. There are black and white people that blame the other for their problems. That's their issue. I don't like being sucked into the mix because of my color. I don't blame or credit white people for anything in my life! There are certain people who are white that I can blame and credit, but not an entire race.
Author:  roshg1
Title:  Whites are nice to ...
Comment:  Whites are nice to blacks now cause they feel guilty for raping them and torturing them worse then animals, cat or dogs, from their history. And also for coon dragging them on the back of the pickup trucks from farm to farm and noosing them on the front of their porches, and lighting them on fire.
Author:  Dima Klondt
Title:  You can call me ...
Comment:  You can call me names all you want but that won't change FACTS. It won't change world-wide criminal statistics, it won't change a century of psychometric science results, and it won't change the fact that Detroit, Haiti and Liberia are affronts to civilization. To make a progress, you first have to face the facts and admit the problem. The denial you cling to hasn't made a difference in 60 years - and it won't make a difference in the future.
Author:  Quali Kage
Title:  I know why these ...
Comment:  I know why these Caucazoids hate black people so much. They're jealous of us! From head to toe
Author:  RizzoAstronama
Title:  I went to an inner ...
Comment:  I went to an inner city public school in New Orleans after moving from Naples Florida. That entire year, I can't remember doing even ONE homework assignment. Teachers never taught, We had no books, and everyone passed! It's horrible. They actually graduate High School illiterate. Everything I've learned has been through Math books up to Trigonometry in which I've self taught myself, I learned nothing in inner city public schools and most don't. I'll be going to a University next year now.
Author:  floyd skinner
Title:  they r taught 2 ...
Comment:  they r taught 2 hate them selves from the day they arrived 300yrs of any teaching pretty much becomes ur standard that the teachers wanted u 2 live by as slaves,the problem with, ppl they will talk as though blks came here giving the rites 2 freedom n knowlg,the blk ordeal is the worst n hist.of all civillation n longer then any other,u should check the ppl who could treat another ppl that way without no guilt or remourse,theres no hoiliday 4 there suffering or any day 4 slavery reconition,why
Author:  SkullyICe
Title:  Blacks should ...
Comment:  Blacks should understand that at age 3 or so, their kids should be learning to count, by 2's, 3's, forwards, backwards, etc. They should start math early and have an increaing workload that is beneficial for their age. By age 8 they should be doing Algebra; age 10, geometry; they should be on calculus by age 13, and trigonometry before leaving high school! Hard steady work in math makes the next math class easier as well as engineering, science, investing, logic, etc. all easier.

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