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Black on White Crime, Americas Hidden Victims


UPDATE: A more recent study by the New Century Foundation finds that of the 1.7 million interracial crimes that take place in the US every year, 90% are committed by blacks against whites. Blacks are 50 times more likely to commit single offender crimes against whites than the reverse. In group crime or multiple offender crimes blacks are as much as 200 times more likely to commit crimes against whites than the reverse. The same study also shows that there is slightly more black on white crime than there is black on black crime. As for violent crimes, blacks commit at a rate of 4 to 8 times more than whites. Blacks are twice as likely to commit hate crimes as whites. For those who want to call me a racist. I will say this, better a 'racist' who confronts harsh realities than a liberal who shuns them. These people are victims. Not only a victim of brutal crimes but also a victim of America's main stream media. Every year millions of black on white crimes go unreported by the mainstream media and these are only a small few. This video is posted to enlighten or educate people of the bias in America's main-stream media today which I consider unfair and unjust. I think this is the original article written by Paul Sheehan in 1995 here: (May take a moment to load the site or the site may sometimes not load at all. This is a link to the archive section to the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia, so the distance may sometimes pose an issue loading the site.) Please subscribe See my other videos:


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Comment:  So this is where all the angry racist nationalists hang out. Fucking retards. How can you practice Nationalism here (America) when your forefathers displaced and committed mass genocide of the original habitants and dragged hundreds of thousands of Africans to do slave labor and much worse? Fucking whining like babies when you can't even look in the mirror and see the atrocities your forefathers committed. Not too long ago, I might add. You fucking morons act as if "black" people were treated with reverence and kindness throughout the history of America but for some reason just turned against "white" people for their kindness. Give me a fucking break. I am not "black" nor "white" and I don't condone any race crimes towards one another. But would a little perspective hurt anyone instead of painting yourself as pure and innocent from anytime in history while painting "black" people as evil and a menace. If you are a NON-racist who are just generally concerned about these race crimes and want a progressive stance I personally shun all race crimes. Period. This message is not for you.
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Comment:  All white people are criminals and they will be punished by the most high after WW3
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Comment:  You forgot to mention that it was African blacks and Muslim slave traders that were responsible for capturing and selling blacks to Americans. This does not excuse the people that bought them either. What does :White America" now have anything to do with someones ancestor that was enslaved before the 1860 with the justification of violence toward whites now? Nothing!!! All I see now is the idealization of the most ignorant and moral depredated people in the "Back Culture" instead of the black Doctors, Lawyers and Engineers. So if you are a African American and idolize the worst that humanity has to offer which includes blaming white people for all your violence and barbarism then you are just like the slave traders that sold you to America.
Author:  madelefant05
Title:  An informative ...
Comment:  An informative video. This stuff is covered up. i've done a couple vids on this topic. But i don't condone this posters using racist slurs. It detracts from the legitimacy of the content.
Author:  TheLaLa
Title:  the media hides ...
Comment:  the media hides stories like this specifically to make black and white people hate each other. same reason they blow up stories like Trayvon Martin. the government knows what its doing.
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Comment:  The force of black culture on our society is beyond a joke. Open your eye's how did we let our selves become the victims. Fear of being labeled a Racist has over taken our right to speak out on what we believe. I say screw them. If they (blacks, Hispanics) to be far them let shit be far. No more BET,black or Hispanic month. You have chosen to separate your selves threw history but scream for equity. You want it earn it.
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