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Black on White Crime, Americas Hidden Victims


UPDATE: A more recent study by the New Century Foundation finds that of the 1.7 million interracial crimes that take place in the US every year, 90% are committed by blacks against whites. Blacks are 50 times more likely to commit single offender crimes against whites than the reverse. In group crime or multiple offender crimes blacks are as much as 200 times more likely to commit crimes against whites than the reverse. The same study also shows that there is slightly more black on white crime than there is black on black crime. As for violent crimes, blacks commit at a rate of 4 to 8 times more than whites. Blacks are twice as likely to commit hate crimes as whites. For those who want to call me a racist. I will say this, better a 'racist' who confronts harsh realities than a liberal who shuns them. These people are victims. Not only a victim of brutal crimes but also a victim of America's main stream media. Every year millions of black on white crimes go unreported by the mainstream media and these are only a small few. This video is posted to enlighten or educate people of the bias in America's main-stream media today which I consider unfair and unjust. I think this is the original article written by Paul Sheehan in 1995 here: (May take a moment to load the site or the site may sometimes not load at all. This is a link to the archive section to the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia, so the distance may sometimes pose an issue loading the site.) Please subscribe See my other videos:


Author:  ndn4life360
Title:   Racially motivated ...
Comment:  Racially motivated hate crime The federal government publishes a list annually of Hate Crime Statistics, 2009 Also published by the federal government is the Known Offender's Race by Bias Motivation, 2009. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Report database, in 2010 58% of hate crime offenders were Latino or white, 18% of offenders were black, 8.9% were of individuals of multiple races and 1% of offenders were Native Americans. The report also reveals that 48% of all hate crime offenders were motivated by the victim's race, while 18% were based on the victim's religion, and another 18% were based on the victim's sexual orientation. The report states that among hate crime offenses motivated by race, 70% were composed of anti-black bias, while 17.7% were of anti-white bias, and 5% were of anti-Asian or Pacific Islander bias.
Author:  sookie soo
Title:  Niggers are not ...
Comment:  Niggers are not human!
Author:  TheLaLa
Title:  the media hides ...
Comment:  the media hides stories like this specifically to make black and white people hate each other. same reason they blow up stories like Trayvon Martin. the government knows what its doing.
Author:  paddylivingston
Title:  It sticks in my ...
Comment:  It sticks in my craw that people must be vigilant in our everyday lives because of the failed experiment to integrate niggers into our culture. Niggers are not people. Niggers are not like people. Niggers do not "fit" into our culture. How one longs for the return of segregation.
Author:  MohammedStoleMyBacon
Title:  horrible
Comment:  horrible
Author:  טל טול
Title:  I hope there is a ...
Comment:  I hope there is a race war, and those jews defending the negro savage will get hanged publicly
Author:  sookie soo
Title:  Fucking niggers!
Comment:  Fucking niggers!
Author:  Eric Netter
Title:  Charles Darwin 
Comment:  Charles Darwin 
Author:  Draven X
Title:  The worst Black on ...
Comment:  The worst Black on White crimes are happening on a daily basis in South Africa.
Author:  Charles McGuffin
Title:  I used to be an ...
Comment:  I used to be an Anti-Racist Activist until I was nearly beaten to death for being white
Author:  John Croome
Title:   Black males under ...
Comment:  Black males under 25 are about 3% of the population, and commit 58% of this nation's crime. There are six black on white assaults for every one white on black assault. Last year, 17000 white females were raped by black men. Between 0-10 black females were raped by white men. Feel free to keep calling us names. We'll keep responding with facts. :)
Author:  Krushing Kithehamer
Title:  Thank the joooz for ...
Comment:  Thank the joooz for loosing the negro beast on humans. I do get satisfaction knowing that joooz ALWAYS shit the bed. Jooooz are a negro target and when the race war starts, jews will be targeted by both sides.
Author:  lake fire
Title:  The Negro is not on ...
Comment:  The Negro is not on a par with whites and it is sheer folly to try and integrate them into civilized society they have equal rights yet still they murder rape and steal on a huge scale most people know this yet will not state it openly. the negro must be sent back to Africa and the door firmly closed on anymore migration from that continent.
Author:  Wally L.
Title:  Why are newspapers ...
Comment:  Why are newspapers and TV hiding this, i say LET IT BE KNOWN the news outlets must think something is going to happen in society when we all know won't a dam thing change. Take for instance this video its on here for the world to see and nothing happened.....
Author:  Adel AAK
Title:  you killed red ...
Comment:  you killed red indians, and you dragged their land, and now blacks are doing the same. why don't you ship them all back to africa, if it's so costly just kill them but don't forget to leave one only one of them to be located in your museum

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