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Dr. Harry Edwards speaks on Obamas re-election Oct. 13, 2011


Dr. Harry Edwards speaks on the upcoming presidential race involving Barack Obama. Includes comments on challenges, previous presidents, and current opponents (including Cornell West and Tavis Smiley) of the incumbent President.


Author:  rawn4203
Title:  Uh Obama gave ...
Comment:  Uh Obama gave blacks access to healthcare, for one thing. 
Author:  jimo moon
Title:  True john, and ...
Comment:  True john, and sadly still many don't get that they where fooled and still are.
Author:  mike acton
Title:  what is a black ...
Comment:  what is a black republican, sadly there is the reality of interracial racism
Author:  RosieP2000
Title:  Well said!
Comment:  Well said!
Author:  Juan Pedro
Title:  Name one thing ...
Comment:  Name one thing Obama has supposedly done for the black community. One thing. Give me a fact, indisputable about how he's improved life for blacks. Obama is a con. He works more for the bankers and rich than Bush did.
Author:  debaser181
Title:  Dr Edwards is an ...
Comment:  Dr Edwards is an inspiration to me

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