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James Brown - Living in America (Rocky IV) HD


Living in America by James Brown, enjoy it! Living in America Yeah, uh! Get up, now! Ow! Knock out this! Au! Super highways, coast to coast, easy to get anywhere On the transcontinental overload, just slide behind the wheel How does it feel When there's no destination - that's too far And somewhere on the way, you might find out who you are Au! Living in America - eye to eye, station to station Living in America - hand to hand, across the nation Living in America - got to have a celebration Rock my soul, Uh! Au! Uh! Smokestack, fatback, many miles of railroad track All night radio, keep on runnin' through your rock 'n' roll soul All night diners keep you awake, hey, on black coffee and a hard roll You might have to walk the fine line, Yeah! You might take the hard line But everybody's working overtime Living in America - eye to eye, station to station Living in America - hand to hand, across the nation Living in America - got to have a celebration Au! I live in America, help me out, but I live in America, wait a minute You might not be looking for the promised land, but you might find it anyway Under one of those old familiar names Like New Orleans (New Orleans), Detroit City (Detroit City), Dallas (Oh, Dallas) Pittsburg P.A. (Pittsburg P.A.), New York City (New York City) Kansas City (Kansas City), Atlanta, Yeah! (Atlanta), Chicago and L.A. Living in America - hit me - living in America - yeah, I walk in and out Living in America Yeaaaaaah! I live in America - state lines, gonna make the prime, that Uh! I live in America - hey, I know what it means, I Living in America - Eddie Murphy, eat your heart out Living in America - hit me, I said now, eye to eye, station to station Living in America - Yeaaaaah! So nice, with your bare self Living in America - Yeaaaah!I feel good!


Author:  angelo guarino
Title:  Questione di ritmo
Comment:  Questione di ritmo
Author:  Mike Lopez
Title:  Just shows the ...
Comment:  Just shows the difference in patriotism between the Soviet Union and the United States. The Soviets treated their anthem and nation with respect, the American-Apollo Creed treated it with arrogance and show boating.
Author:  Darneitta Jones
Title:  James Brown - ...
Comment:  James Brown - Living In America
Author:  dani'el Kannan
Title:  i had always ...
Comment:  i had always wondered why towards the end of the song, JB sang "Eddie Murphy. eat your heart out.." i soon found out that Legend had it that JB offered this song to Eddie for Eddie's "Coming to America" movie but Ediie turned it down and it went on to used for the Rocky movie..."
Author:  PrisonOfMinD85
Title:  I wonder why they ...
Comment:  I wonder why they couldn't get a Russian born actor to play Ivan Drago? He's actually Swedish. I guess no Russian actor could get on board with losing to an American? Lmao.
Author:  80s Old School 4 Life
Title:  If would be alive ...
Comment:  If would be alive Mr. James Brown, would complete today 81 years old. James Joseph Brown, Jr. (May 3, 1933 – December 25, 2006) was an American recording artist and musician. One of the founding fathers of funk music and a major figure of 20th-century popular music and dance, he is often referred to as "The Godfather of Soul". In a career that spanned six decades, Brown profoundly influenced the development of many different musical genres. "Living in America" is a 1985 song composed by Dan Hartman and Charlie Midnight and performed by James Brown. It was released as a single in 1985 and reached number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song entered the Billboard Top 40 on January 11, 1986, and remained on the chart for 11 weeks. The song was prominently featured in the film Rocky IV. In the film, Brown sings the song before Apollo Creed enters the boxing ring, in reference to the character's patriotism. #Jamesbrown #Inmemoryof #RockyIV #80smusic #Godfatherofsoul
Author:  Naulot Viviane
Title:   Ça swing dur ,,,,, ...
Comment:  Ça swing dur ,,,,, 
Author:  Daniel Hardwick
Title:  I love this song,I ...
Comment:  I love this song,I think the film helped it become even more catchy.
Author:  Steve M
Title:  simply the best!
Comment:  simply the best!
Author:  Eric Miller
Title:  Watching this makes ...
Comment:  Watching this makes me think we have lost something since then. (Other than James Brown) James Brown - Living in America (Rocky IV) HD
Author:  Nortekman
Title:  Drago was being ...
Comment:  Drago was being blinded by capitalism
Author:  Sarah Horn
Title:  One of the best ...
Comment:  One of the best songs EVER!!!
Author:  wardain
Title:  "Weird Al" Yankovic ...
Comment:  "Weird Al" Yankovic - Living With A Hernia
Author:  Heriqo
Author:  Richard Legaspi
Title:  92 people are ...
Comment:  92 people are russian

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