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Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael) 1996 Interview part 2 of 5


Former Black panther leader Kwame Ture (also known as Stokely Carmichael) speaks in a 1996 Interview on various subjects


Author:  vixxy02
Title:  @ndoss01 your right ...
Comment:  @ndoss01 your right! He looks like he's from Sene-Gambia,Guinea or a Fula/Fulbe from Mali, but he doesn't look or sound American at all! Maybe that's why he fit in so well in Guinea! And I like the fact that he saw and identified himself as African,and did positive steps towards achieving African unity,progression and education of those who like himself, consider themselves African,and refused to serve 2 masters!
Author:  Ade161
Title:  i disagree
Comment:  i disagree
Author:  ernesto rodriguez
Title:  @mrabdullah71 he ...
Comment:  @mrabdullah71 he was born in trinidad not the united states...
Author:  shawneybird
Title:  This dude is no ...
Comment:  This dude is no joke...
Author:  blackgnostics41
Title:  r.i.p brother
Comment:  r.i.p brother
Author:  PeaceAndJustice357
Title:  The end is what ...
Comment:  The end is what hit's pass down to us in a disorganization manner
Author:  ernesto rodriguez
Title:  @mrabdullah71 that ...
Comment:  @mrabdullah71 that is the case with many such as schoumberg,pont du sable,garvey and many others...
Author:  loyaldude10
Title:  @vixxy02 ---he ...
Comment:  @vixxy02 ---he never backed away from his principles. I don't entirely agree with his views, but he was brilliant and a tremendous speaker
Author:  mrabdullah71
Title:  That is your view ...
Comment:  That is your view but he is Blk Amercian and Left the USA after fighting for ALL BLK PPL Miriam Makeba is his former wife and he looks like whoever u think but he allways clerly said who he was lol
Author:  mrabdullah71
Title:  Damn ndoss01 I ...
Comment:  Damn ndoss01 I can't beleive you give a Blk Amercian any kind of credit Shit you are a lady after all
Author:  professor058
Title:  Stokely Carmichael, ...
Comment:  Stokely Carmichael, a.k.a. Kwame Toure, was born in Trinidad. He attended Howard University as an undergrad.
Author:  mrabdullah71
Title:  @nkanga4 i agree
Comment:  @nkanga4 i agree
Author:  mrabdullah71
Title:  @nkanga4 true but ...
Comment:  @nkanga4 true but enlightned and completed in the usa
Author:  mrabdullah71
Title:  I assure u i know ...
Comment:  I assure u i know more than u dumb monkey try me?? i know more about nigeria than u hypocrite
Author:  Kalydosos
Title:  This guy is sharp!
Comment:  This guy is sharp!

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