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Movie Bytes - The Avengers 2012 Black Widow, Hawkeye, Captain America: Beyond The Trailer


The Avengers 2012. Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph and Agent of STYLE Alan Kistler discuss the movie costumes for Black Widow, Hawkeye and Captain America in the upcoming Avengers movie! How do these Marvel heroes translate from the comic to film? Does Scarlett Johansson look like Black Widow? Does Jeremy Renner look like Hawkeye? Does Chris Evans still look like Captain America? Enjoy The Avengers movie in 2012! Beyond The Trailer is part of YouTube Next Lab.


Author:  Sergejs Žuks
Title:  when this movie ...
Comment:  when this movie been finished? who can tell me? Scarlett Johansson is The best... ;* <3
Author:  krusher6968
Title:  @ficfan3484 ok ...
Comment:  @ficfan3484 ok thanks!!!!
Author:  montyalvo03
Title:  @gtarocks2234 thank ...
Comment:  @gtarocks2234 thank you! i actually like it and i'm bummed hawkeye doesnt have a mask haha
Author:  vesperianstar
Title:  I like this one ...
Comment:  I like this one better. Just because it looks more like in the comics. I've always thought that the First Avenger costume was an aberration.
Author:  Parm Bansal
Title:  In the trailer it ...
Comment:  In the trailer it looks like everyone is failing at fighting the army and stuff i thought these guys were good. if i go and watch it and they win i will be well upset cus they messed with my feelings and stuff
Author:  snickerlover4427
Title:  I agree with the ...
Comment:  I agree with the whole too bright costume brightness of Cap's new suit/ costume (call it what you will) but eventually in the film, he gets all dirty and dusty from fighting so much, so they still want the suit colors to pop out so you can see him from a far distance. Basically, a movie logo franchise for all three characters
Title:  2:26 "Who fires a ...
Comment:  2:26 "Who fires a bow and arrow anymore?" KATNISS DOES.
Author:  gtarocks2234
Title:  @montyalvo03 Cap's ...
Comment:  @montyalvo03 Cap's new costume is awesome I agree they should have added a mask for Hawkeye and I think Scarlett looked hotter in Iron Man 2
Author:  chrisroca8
Title:  5;45 cap cap
Comment:  5;45 cap cap
Author:  ang00se1
Title:  yeah, the WWII ...
Comment:  yeah, the WWII helmet he had in the first avenger was soooo badass
Author:  Axxidous
Title:  There hasn't been a ...
Comment:  There hasn't been a second Avengers yet. There's only been one. If you mean like in the movie Captain America, why would they DOWNGRADE his costume? The one in Captain America was inferior. It was clunky, low tech, out of modern style. We should be making him look MORE like the character as time goes on. Not less. That's like saying Iron Man's design should go back to the way it looked when he made his first suit when he escaped the terrorist in the first movie. v.v lol
Author:  BeccieCW
Author:  funnykid31o0
Title:  i dont like this ...
Comment:  i dont like this the outfits are perfect dont diss them if the hawk eye had the purple suit he would kinda look weird
Author:  wertyda1
Title:  that hawkeye ...
Comment:  that hawkeye costume looks like the ultimate hawkeye. he just need the unltimate hawkeye mask
Author:  Tristen Brisbois
Title:  i disagree with ...
Comment:  i disagree with everything except for the body type for cap he could have been a little bigger for Avengers

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