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Jessie Russell, The Father of 2G Wireless Communications


Jesse Russell is one of the inventors and pioneers in the development of digital cellular telephone networks. Digital cellular network technology is the enabling technology that is allowing wireless networks the bandwidth or capacity to offer large scale use of mobile phones, and new features such as text messaging, video and various digital applications. Jesse is a graduate of Tennessee State University, an historically Black College and University (HBCU). He has over 14 telecommunication inventions that have been patented and is truly a modern and active role model for youth interested in becoming an engineer. His story is motivating and let's you know that you too can become an inventor and achieve high levels of success in engineering. Jesse Eugene Russell "Father of 2G" Communications Jesse Eugene Russell – Father of 2G – African American History Month 2015 #BlackHistoryMonth Jessie Russell, Wireless Inventor (cashgiving youtube channel) jessie russell wireless inventor


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