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Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar - Official Video HQ

Desrciption: Official video for Aloe Blacc's "I Need A Dollar" from the album Good Things (Stones Throw) Director: Kahlil Joseph Photography: Matthew J.Lloyd Video Produced by WHat Matters Most and Funk Factory Films This video also contains a short section with a new track called "So Hard" from the album Good Things


Author:  Demetrius Orum
Title:  If you pay ...
Comment:  If you pay attention...on the part where he says... ''Cause everything around me is crumbling down'' when he first says it....he said... ''Cause everything around me is falling down''(1:08 - 1: 12)... but if you read his lips..he mistakenly said ''crumbling'' instead ''falling'' lol
Author:  Alesio S
Title:  CRO - Blank
Comment:  CRO - Blank
Author:  Alle Cole
Title:  In love with this ...
Comment:  In love with this song <3
Author:  Drwal Wrocławski
Title:  Is this soul music?
Comment:  Is this soul music?
Author:  Christopher Franko
Title:  :D
Comment:  :D
Author:  C4Rick
Title:  My schools anthem
Comment:  My schools anthem
Author:  Elena Guzmán
Title:  I need a dollar... ...
Comment:  I need a dollar... If I share with you my story, will you share your money with me?
Author:  EternalHatredXD
Title:  This Song Is Like ...
Comment:  This Song Is Like The Anthem Of Every Kid In My High School. XD
Author:  szykmenowic10
Title:  I Need A Green Card ...
Comment:  I Need A Green Card :v
Author:  Vicky huang
Title:  pure awesomeness
Comment:  pure awesomeness
Author:  new yorker bu
Title:  i need a million $$ ...
Comment:  i need a million $$$ a million $$$ is what i need hey hey
Author:  Jammaster James
Title:  1402 people need a ...
Comment:  1402 people need a dollar...and a kick in the ass!!
Author:  Antonin Delolme
Title:  I love this song <3
Comment:  I love this song <3
Author:  Alexandru Dinu
Title:  Can you borrow me ...
Comment:  Can you borrow me 10 bucks?
Author:  Explosive Ash
Title:  I need a dollar, ...
Comment:  I need a dollar, dollar, a dollar is what I need I NEED A DOLLAR, DOLLAR, A DOLLAR TO SPEND ON WEED ( not true) :)

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