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Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar - Official Video HQ


iTunes: | Official video for Aloe Blacc's "I Need A Dollar" from the album Good Things (Stones Throw) Director: Kahlil Joseph Photography: Matthew J.Lloyd Video Produced by WHat Matters Most and Funk Factory Films This video also contains a short section with a new track called "So Hard" from the album Good Things


Author:  Lucca Possa Silva
Comment:  ALORS LES V CA VA?
Author:  Wynetta White
Title:  Aloe Blacc - I Need ...
Comment:  Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar - Official Video HQ
Author:  The Revealing Fighter
Title:  I need a longer ...
Comment:  I need a longer penis, penis, a longer penis is what I need, Hey, Hey!
Author:  Daniel Cibiok
Title:  Bande de V
Comment:  Bande de V
Author:  LittleGamer
Title:  Good Title ... " I ...
Comment:  Good Title ... " I need a dollar " :)))
Author:  Goga Montana
Title:  This is America... ...
Comment:  This is America... poor and selfish, egoistic, stupid, heartless country... and that country trying to rule the world?? 
Author:  Shane Hall
Author:  vovpar
Title:  What is the song ...
Comment:  What is the song that starts playing at 2:40?
Author:  Nani Ciafone
Title:  hahh mad swag
Comment:  hahh mad swag
Author:  ShyOfFlutter
Title:  This is the kind of ...
Comment:  This is the kind of music that makes me respect and pity people in ghettos. Not rap about killing and mugging.
Author:  Ottawa's #1 Hit Music Station - The New Hot 89.9
Title:  never seen this ...
Comment:  never seen this video before it's new it just came out this year it's the 2nd single from the album Lift Your Spirit
Author:  Genevieve Elaidi
Title:  nice,just real!!!!
Comment:  nice,just real!!!!
Title:  I think I find my ...
Comment:  I think I find my new ringtone...
Author:  Adam Spivak
Title:  Best song ever
Comment:  Best song ever
Author:  Calin Tulus
Title:  :)
Comment:  :)

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