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Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar - Official Video HQ


iTunes: | Official video for Aloe Blacc's "I Need A Dollar" from the album Good Things (Stones Throw) Director: Kahlil Joseph Photography: Matthew J.Lloyd Video Produced by WHat Matters Most and Funk Factory Films This video also contains a short section with a new track called "So Hard" from the album Good Things


Author:  RobsYoutube
Title:  Wow, this guy is " ...
Comment:  Wow, this guy is "the man"...
Author:  ADHDcraft
Title:  This Song Is Like ...
Comment:  This Song Is Like The Anthem Of Every Kid In My High School. XD
Author:  C4Rick
Title:  My schools anthem
Comment:  My schools anthem
Author:  Elena Guzmán
Title:  I need a dollar... ...
Comment:  I need a dollar... If I share with you my story, will you share your money with me?
Author:  Christopher Franko
Title:  :D
Comment:  :D
Author:  Dominic Torres
Title:  i need some lotion ...
Comment:  i need some lotion lotion lotion for these knees! hey hey!
Author:  Oirdi Oussama
Title:  lah akhouya onji ...
Comment:  lah akhouya onji américa tan n3tik Dollar finkom al 'mgharba Shi j'aime hna n3refkom 7adrin ?? 
Author:  Mechelle Conrad
Title:  love this ---
Comment:  love this ---
Author:  Goga Montana
Title:  This is America... ...
Comment:  This is America... poor and selfish, egoistic, stupid, heartless country... and that country trying to rule the world?? 
Author:  Stan SchoolboyQ
Title:  from all the ...
Comment:  from all the 25.740.818 views he earned some dollars from youtube :) I need a view,a view,a view, is what i need, a view is all need.
Author:  The Dead Immortal
Title:  I guess he has many ...
Comment:  I guess he has many dollars now.
Title:  I guess everyone ...
Comment:  I guess everyone who disliked this video doesn't know what it's like to need a dollar.
Author:  Jammaster James
Title:  1402 people need a ...
Comment:  1402 people need a dollar...and a kick in the ass!!
Author:  WhosEZY
Title:  Hopefully he dosnt ...
Comment:  Hopefully he dosnt needes much more "Dollars" after this ahahhahaah
Author:  szykmenowic10
Title:  I Need A Green Card ...
Comment:  I Need A Green Card :v

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