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[JTBC x Korea JoongAng Daily] Being black in America is the most dangerous thing to be.


Being black in America is the most dangerous thing to be. “Don’t touch her again!” Moise Morancy is a hip-hop artist and actor in New York. He witnessed a man sexually assault a young girl while riding a bus on Oct. 24. [Moise Morancy, rapper and actor] “He touched the girl without her permission. This is what I’m going to do to you. Don’t’ touch her again! Don’t touch her again!” After Morancy warned the drunken alleged assaulter, the man lunged at him. Morancy sought help from others on the bus, but no one gave him a hand. When police arrived, they handcuffed Morancy instead of the alleged assaulter, who was white. “I don’t have a criminal record. I’m a college graduate.” Why did Morancy have to say such things? Morancy was treated as a potential criminal because he was black. He was later released from police custody with a black sergeant’s help. Local media in America introduced Morancy as “a good Samaritan” and applauded his deed. The New York Police Department apologized to Morancy and praised his bravery in standing up to sexual assault. “Good Samaritan” This is a figure in one of Christ’s parables who served as an example of compassion toward those in distress. Despite being a poor Gentile who was hated by his Jewish neighbors, he was the only person who helped a man who was robbed and beaten. Moise Morancy was a true Good Samaritan at that moment.


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