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Attraction Black Light & Shadow Theatre - Passover Pesach in Cancun 2011


Follow Attraction on Twitter: Unique shadow performance at the event of Pesach in Cancun 2011 This is a special performance for Pesach about the story of EXODUS. This is an official video of the live performance.


Author:  Batya Casper
Title: ...
Author:  Dora Simon
Title:  An amazing ...
Comment:  An amazing performance about Passover! Enjoy it and have a blessed, wonderful celebration!!!
Author:  Noa Simmons
Title:  An amazing dance ...
Comment:  An amazing dance story Happy Passover everyone!!!
Author:  Israel: for it, about it
Title:  Enjoy!
Comment:  Enjoy!
Author:  Julie Kozhukhin
Title:  Happy Passover! ...
Comment:  Happy Passover! Attraction Black Light theatre Silhouettes Passover Pesach in Cancun 2011 America's Got Talent ?
Author:  Carl Ford
Title:  Pesach This is ...
Comment:  Pesach This is what G-d did for me! It should include women as well. Last Night's service was tremendous and very feminine. We read about the midwives, Moses mother and sister and the Pharoahs daughter deserve mention. It was a great job and we had Miriam's cup of water right next to Elijah's wine. Very Cool. We also paused to watch this video. Very nicely staged. Our host and hostess deserve a lot of credit.
Author:  ilane NADJAR
Title:  superbe
Comment:  superbe
Author:  B.L. Ochman
Title:  Must see! beautiful ...
Comment:  Must see! beautiful dance interpretation of the Passover story. the camel knocked my socks off!
Author:  doris ledet
Title:  Interesting...
Comment:  Interesting...
Author:  Oleg Moskalensky
Title:  *Attraction Black ...
Comment:  *Attraction Black Light Theater* - all the way from Hungary The Passover story told in a very unique way.
Author:  Igor Vovk
Title:  7/40...))))
Comment:  7/40...))))
Author:  Lisa Greenstein
Title:  Amazing passover ...
Comment:  Amazing passover story + klezmer. *Thank you Aunt Barbara for sharing.*
Author:  Leiby Fasten
Title:  Yetzias Mitzraim ...
Comment:  Yetzias Mitzraim Shadow Show!
Author:  Lori Goldstein
Title:  Had to share this: ...
Comment:  Had to share this: wonderful dance performance!
Author:  Hope L

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