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Rammstein - Amerika


Rammstein song "Amerika"


Author:  Hraju Hry
Author:  Дмитрий Вульф
Title:  ватникам всего мира ...
Comment:  ватникам всего мира посвящается)))))
Author:  ZoMBiE StyLaa L
Title:  america best ...
Comment:  america best country ever for me :) keep it up !!
Author:  Наталья Макарова
Author:  Andrej Pavlekovic
Comment:  FUCK THE USA
Author:  Sam Rosenbalm
Title:  American culture ...
Comment:  American culture has stifled Europe. I think Europe should stop listening to American music, buying American products, and watching American movies, because America is a cultural poison to the European peoples.
Author:  BypDaJlakRUS
Title:  What is song name?
Comment:  What is song name?
Author:  SeniorBetro
Title:  America is a ...
Comment:  America is a fucking continent not a country. United States of America is a country 
Author:  tj floros
Title:  the song is about ...
Comment:  the song is about the imperialist nature and policies of the united states and how it tries to control and influence the world cause half of americans think the u.s. is God's holy land along with israel when america is a land of all peoples and religions but still the bible thumping christians think it's their duty to tell the world how they should live but america isn't all bad there's some good just like there's good and bad with almost every country and peoples and btw what's this guy mean sometimes war, there's a war involving america every decade and the one we're in now has lasted over a decade and we're still fighting it, damn. no country except early britain has ever invaded america instead we invade them and then half of americans wonder why they hate us, i mean i'd be pissed off too if another country invaded and tried to tell me how to live.
Author:  BabGer
Title:  Germany-France >>>> ...
Comment:  Germany-France >>>>>>>> USA
Author:  Brandon Bradley
Title:  I've been called a ...
Comment:  I've been called a xenophobe, but the truth is, I'm not. I honestly just feel that America is the best country and the other countries aren't as good. That used to be called patriotism. 
Author:  C Dub
Title:  Are we still having ...
Comment:  Are we still having meaning less debates about national supremacy seven years after this video was posted? Yes? Okay. Just making sure the status quo hasn't changed.
Author:  Kipelovna
Title:  Охуевшие, не стыдно ...
Comment:  Охуевшие, не стыдно?
Author:  Christopher Mcphearson
Title:  Someday even when ...
Comment:  Someday even when I'm dead in the afterlife, I hope America's future leaders might stride to reconcile it's past atrocities with the other countries. We maybe a hated continent, but everyone deserves another chance to be something better.
Author:  elementvD
Title:  thye just showing u ...
Comment:  thye just showing u guys how much every thing with nasa and moon videos and everything is so fake :D

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