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Rammstein - Amerika


Rammstein song "Amerika"


Author:  caroline FUHA Choain
Author:  Наталья Макарова
Author:  LteeP
Title:  THE Beginning of ...
Comment:  THE Beginning of this video is pointless!! It is not possible to play music in the moon because sound does not exist in the empty space! Sound only travels through matter and since there is none in space, BANG IM AWESOME!!
Author:  Joseph Mellon
Title:  this is a good song ...
Comment:  this is a good song !!
Author:  Samuel Vain
Title:  All patriots stand ...
Comment:  All patriots stand up for our new anthem. Salute.
Author:  MsCordially
Title:  OK let's all thank ...
Comment:  OK let's all thank America and Nato for keeping the western world safer for the last 70 years
Author:  Strudelhouse
Title:  Who cares if it's ...
Comment:  Who cares if it's against America. This country has gone to hell. "Get out if you don't like it." Sure, right as soon as you pay to move me back to Germany where I belong.
Author:  Persephone Hades
Title:  America is Israel's ...
Comment:  America is Israel's bitch!!!!!!!!
Author:  ZoMBiE StyLaa L
Title:  america best ...
Comment:  america best country ever for me :) keep it up !!
Author:  SeniorBetro
Title:  America is a ...
Comment:  America is a fucking continent not a country. United States of America is a country 
Author:  WiseEndro333
Title:  so much Butthurt ...
Comment:  so much Butthurt Americans here...
Author:  AsgharD
Title:  'MURICA : THE LAND ...
Author:  Eppler123
Title:  America is not a ...
Comment:  America is not a country its a company
Author:  Artful Dodger
Title:  What Eurotards ...
Comment:  What Eurotards actually know about America and Americans could fit on the head of a pin.
Author:  Alexandru Dragoi
Title:  Isn't Santa Claus ...
Comment:  Isn't Santa Claus German? :D

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