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Rammstein - Amerika


Rammstein song "Amerika"


Author:  Andrej Pavlekovic
Comment:  FUCK THE USA
Author:  Sam Rosenbalm
Title:  American culture ...
Comment:  American culture has stifled Europe. I think Europe should stop listening to American music, buying American products, and watching American movies, because America is a cultural poison to the European peoples.
Author:  Brandon Bradley
Title:  I've been called a ...
Comment:  I've been called a xenophobe, but the truth is, I'm not. I honestly just feel that America is the best country and the other countries aren't as good. That used to be called patriotism. 
Author:  SeniorBetro
Title:  America is a ...
Comment:  America is a fucking continent not a country. United States of America is a country 
Author:  ZoMBiE StyLaa L
Title:  america best ...
Comment:  america best country ever for me :) keep it up !!
Author:  Sämi Brennerchen
Title:  America is ...
Comment:  America is wunderbar
Author:  David Morehouse
Comment:  USA USA USA
Author:  Наталья Макарова
Author:  TheOriginalNoobsters
Title:  I would gladly give ...
Comment:  I would gladly give my life, if before i died, i could watch the U.S.A. burn to the ground
Author:  kars robin
Title:  U.S.A goes to the ...
Comment:  U.S.A goes to the moon takes 5 photos........ a girl on a toilet takes more. The moon landing so fake
Author:  D Bills
Title:  You should be ...
Comment:  You should be grateful without our the fight would be futile 
Author:  Sebastian Alejandro
Title:  America is a ...
Comment:  America is a continent not a country :)
Author:  Le Sacré
Title:  Mais putin xD les ...
Comment:  Mais putin xD les américains sont tellement cons qu'ils ont pas compris que Rammstein se fout de leur gueule !
Author:  Ruizeta Filipe
Title:  ola meninos
Comment:  ola meninos
Author:  Marcus Nordquist
Title:  People not getting ...
Comment:  People not getting the sarcasm in this video <3

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